Backroads Adventures BC Inc. strives to provide you with a tour that suits your preferences and riding ability, considering your safety at all times. Please review these options and check the appropriate box on your application form. Your tour guide will plan an appropriate tour and if appropriate may try to match other riders with similar riding preference and experience.

Level "A" tours are the most difficult type of tours designed for independent experienced off-road riders looking for a challenge and willing to try sometimes demanding experiences, exploring the unknown, riding tight trails or challenging a few mountain passes. Even our "A" level tours are dualsport adventures, all of our bikes remain equiped with DOT legal lightiing and exhaust systems. This is necessary to maintain our riding areas. Booking a Level "A" tour will give your guide the freedom to plan more difficult tour routes. Please carefully consider your ability, physical condition and personal safety before booking this level of tour.
Level "B" tours are designed for experienced riders not wanting too much physical demands yet enjoying a planned motorcycle adventure in mountain terrain. Our 'scenic' tour is usually designed for this level of riding.
Level "C" tours are designed for beginner and novice riders: All of our tours will require a certain amount of rider skills. These tours will be restricted to easy, level riding on scenic backcountry gravel roads or pavement. However, we can't remove all of the danger and difficulty of off-road motorcycle riding in the mountains.

MOTORCYCLE LICENSE AND INSURANCE:     Backroads Adventures motorcycles are licensed and insured for use on British Columbia Highways and BC Forest Service Roads. You must carry a valid motorcycle license at all times which has no restrictions pertaining to the motorcycles used on the tour or otherwise.

Riders supplying their own motorcycles are responsible for their own insurance requirements. Please check with your insurance to confirm that you have adequate coverage to operate your motorcycle in British Columbia.

BRINGING YOUR OWN MOTORCYCLE: Your dualsport motorcycle must be in perfect mechanical condition. You will be responsible for your own maintenance and repairs. Carry whatever spare parts and tools you normally would use on a long enduro ride. Our local motorcycle shops can provide service if necessary.

Appropriate street legal off-road oriented tires and quite DOT approved exhaust systems are required (please keep them quiet, this is very important in maintaining our right to ride in th mountains). All DOT dualsport lighting must be in working order. You are responsible for your own insurance requirements.

MEDICAL INSURANCE: Riders are responsible for their own life, medical and travel insurance. We require that you carry medical insurance for Canada. Your present insurance may not cover you in Canada, please check with your insurance agent. Hospital costs can reach $3,000 a day and Canadian government health plans do not cover non-residents. There are insurance policies available through travel agents that can supply coverage during the tour for a very reasonable price (about $15). We highly recommend that you provide written details of your medical insurance or any other health issues to your guide before your tour commences. Contact Backroads Adventures if you require assistance in obtaining coverage.

RIDING GEAR: Due to the difficulty of sizing each person, insuring comfort and personal preferences, Backroads Adventures BC Inc. cannot supply riding gear. However, we will help you arrange riding gear if necessary and our local motorcycle shops carry a good supply of riding equipment. You will be wearing your gear every day on long rides, conditions can range from hot, to cold, to wet, sometimes all in the same day. It is important that your gear fits well, can be worn in layers and carried with you on the bike. Good planning of your riding gear can greatly increase the enjoyment and safety of your trip.

We require that you wear a helmet, boots and a protective jacket. Bring what you would normally wear on a long enduro ride. We suggest a full coverage helmet with goggles or a face shield (bring cleaner and spare shields), sturdy boots (heavy duty motocross boots are recommended), protective leather riding jacket or enduro jacket, warm riding gloves (waterproof), light motocross style gloves and a good quality rain suit (we ride rain or shine!).

You are responsible for carrying appropriate warm clothes and rain gear for backcountry travel. A daypack and a fanny pack to carry your rain gear, camera, etc is recommended. You may also wish to bring a kidney belt, chest protector, pads, etc. Consider your own safety and comfort when choosing your riding gear.

CLOTHING: Bring clothing suitable for both warm and cool climates. Weather can change very quickly so we suggest dressing in layers. Pack your luggage suitable for transport in the support vehicle. Our accommodations often provide fine restaurants, pubs, sports facilities and swimming pools (bring your swimsuit).

FOOD: Excellent meals are provided on all tours, if you have any special diets please inform us before the trip.

CAMERA AND FILM: You'll want to bring a camera, video and binoculars on this trip, we suggest a compact style to carry with you.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS: Please contact Dave at Backroads Adventures.

For more information please email me

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