Due to the personalized nature of our tours, we are unable to provide a precise tour schedule. Our tours operate from May through October. All tour bookings are "client-specific". We book our tours on a first come first serve basis. If you are the first to book for a certain date - then you decide on the type of tour, adventure activities and itinerary. You are able to set our schedule with a tour commitment. Our clients confirm tour itineraries and schedules with deposits paid. A tour deposit will guarantee your tour quote, itinerary and dates.

Early booking before March 31st will allow us time to plan and prepare your tour. This will ensure preferred dates, accommodations and itinerary. Please contact us to discuss your vacation dates and options. You may wish to join an already scheduled tour or have your tour organizer provide a personal quote and itinerary. Contact us now to begin organizing your adventure.

To book a Backroads Adventures Tour

Review our tour packages and select ideas for your tour.
Consider the dates, itinerary and budget you prefer for your tour.
Read our Tour Information Page
Contact us for details and a custom quote based on your requests. Contact us.
One of the most popular and convenient ways to provide you and your riding partners with our personalized tour quote and itinerary is by emailing you an MS Word File. We will prepare a detailed custom tour quote and itinerary for you to review. Share this file with your riding buddies, family and friends and discuss any necessary changes. Email us your comments, we will work with you until we are able to design a "Personalized Adventure Tour" to suit your budget, vacation dates and riding preferences. A tour deposit is required to guarantee your adventure dates, tour cost and activities.

All tour applicants must sign part I and Part II of our sign up forms. Part I is our sign up information and tour agreement. Part II is our waiver of liability. Please contact us for a detailed copy of these documents.

For more information please email me

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