Backroads Adventures "TORTURE CHAMBERS" Custom Tour

Blaine’s most priceless moment. it’s on video too!

Thumpertalk quotes from our client Blaine (TORTURECHAMBERS)

“- Waaaaahooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 days in the bag and so far its AWESOME!! These BC boyz know how to please the sick minded riders!! 5 more days of body pounding action then we'll be headed back to Hawaii.”


“I'd like to start by thanking Dave Martindale, for a 9 day spectacular, life altering tour. Along with his nephews Mike and Travis, the incredible organization, the awesome lodging and tasty food Puinsai_5, Duane and I had the time of our lives. We asked for the A tour treatment and were given 9 days in Heaven. Again, thanks for the awesome knowledge and commitment of Dave Martindale and crew.” “The bikes were DRZ400S models in great shape. After 9 days in the forest riding them like a rental, I am convinced there is no better bike to have for what we did... “.

“Again, Thanks to Dave and the crew for the memories to last a lifetime!!! Also thanks to Brenda and Dana for making us feel at home and also to Jack and Morris for the smiles and beers at the cabin..

Aloha guys and I'll see you again soon...” Blaine


There were many ThumperTalk links and pictures our clients posted on this adventure. Following the Thumpertalk posting, we received some great response booking yet another off road tour with a very interesting client named Oliver followed by more Thumpertalk postings and a short video clip.

Blaine’s Internet slide show.

Dave, Robert, Jim, Frog, Pete & Jon on their dualsport "A" Tour Adventure.

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Good Food

More Pics from the past

Dave, Mike and Don.

Unlimited undiscovered riding country. Having fun exploring some technical trails. You never know what we might get into on our Off Road "A" rides. Don & Mike helping each other over a tricky downhill off camber log. Don Thurber riding typical BC Logs,  he liked it!

Magnus & Lars

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